Site Safety/Security Systems

University and college campuses, industrial parks, manufacturing plants, retail malls, office towers and any other site with an on-site security staff can use CriSys Limited's Xpert Site system to bring advanced safety and security capabilities to any environment. Xpert Site gives your location complete emergency response center capabilities, with:

  • fully integrated, on-screen telephone controls - handle emergency and non-emergency calls entirely by mouse
  • complete radio console capabilities - conduct radio dispatch and updates entirely by mouse
  • rapid mass notification - notify thousands of residents in minutes via recorded or synthesized voice, e-mail or SMS text message
  • fully integrated digital audio logging - telephone and radio recordings are linked directly to event records, and retained for as long as you need them
  • built-in digital fire and security alarm monitoring, with interfaces to access control systems
  • fully integrated site mapping, with live, automatic display of caller locations and unit positions (with available GPS/AVL)
  • automatic display of location floorplans, photographs, diagrams, etc.
  • multi-channel display of live CCTV/webcam video
  • simple, mouse-driven handling of calls for service and selection of incident type
  • optional direct, on-line link to local Xpert systems - share live status and response information with local first responders
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