Fire-Rescue Systems

Our family of Xpert Fire systems provides your department with:

  • complete Call-Handling and Dispatch capabilities for both emergency and non-emergency calls
  • powerful, easy-to-use Incident Management tools, with un-matched Critical Event Response Management functions
  • a full-featured Reporting module
  • a comprehensive suite of Personnel Management utilities, including Career History tools, Training Records, Skills Tracking and our Duty Roster Manager system
  • a complete collection of programs for Equipment Management, with Preventative Maintenance utilities, location and Usage Tracking, as well as Repair Records
  • an extensive set of Pre-Incident Planning tools, with built-in databases of Hazardous Materials, and utilities for tracking Site Details, Owners and Occupants, Contact Records, Aliases, Licenses and more
  • a sophisticated Fire Prevention system, with built-in Fire Codes and Building Codes, as well as a full set of Public Education tools

Call-Handling and Dispatch

CriSys Limited's Xpert systems give your Communications Center powerful, easy-to-use call-handling capabilities

  • fully integrated, on-screen telephone controls - handle emergency and non-emergency calls entirely by mouse
  • automatic interfaces to landline and wireless E9-1-1 systems, TDD callers, automatic alarms systems and more
  • complete radio console capabilities - conduct radio dispatch and updates entirely by mouse
  • fully integrated digital audio logging - telephone and radio recordings are linked directly to incident records
  • fully integrated mapping, with live, automatic display of caller locations and unit positions (with available GPS/AVL)
  • automatic location matching on E9-1-1 ANI/ALI data; available manual searching by address, intersection, place name, person, business or alias for any of these
  • automatic display of location floorplans, photographs, diagrams, etc.
  • simple, mouse-driven handling of calls for service and selection of incident type
  • sophisticated, rule-driven proposal of units to respond - simple, mouse-driven controls to accept or override system recommendation
  • automated notification of responding units, with optional automated voice dispatch

Incident Management

CriSys Limited's Xpert systems give your dispatchers powerful, easy-to-use tools to quickly and efficiently manage multiple units responding to multiple incidents:

  • point-and-click controls to update the status of single or multiple units in a single step
  • one-click controls to display location information, automatic display of floorplans, photographs, structural details, diagrams, etc.
  • update incident location by mouse; available manual relocation by address, intersection, place name, person, business or alias for any of these
  • point-and-click controls to capture significant incident milestones
  • mouse-based controls to notify other agencies and auxiliary services
  • available Critical Event Response Management tools for escalating situations

Critical Event Response Management

When an incident escalates, CriSys Limited's Xpert systems are ready with a suite of tools to smoothly transition from agency-centric Command and Control to Emergency Operations Center (EOC) functions:

  • activation of special "Critical Event Response Plan" (which may or may not involve declaration of a State of Emergency)
  • pre-defined checklists of tasks/objectives for all involved agencies and groups
  • activation of community-based Disaster Resources (buses, shelters, food and water supplies, etc) with detailed resource usage tracking
  • activation of special "all hazard, multi-agency" displays to coordinate responses by outside agencies
  • support for connection of approved remote agencies through CriSys Secure Remote Access protocols
  • easy-to-use GUI allows remote agencies to quickly, easily indicate their actions and progress towards accomplishing their goals
  • built-in high-efficiency Mass Notification system can use 2 to 96 telephone lines to deliver recorded or synthesized voice messages, e-mails and/or SMS text messages to thousands of persons in minutes


All Xpert systems are delivered with our Xpert Reports module, which provides simple, point-and-click selection of query parameters, and fast, professional output.

Xpert systems also support the use of third-party reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports™ or ESRI's map-based query tools.

Personnel Management

All of CriSys Limited's Xpert systems offer a full suite of tools to schedule, track and manage your personnel resources:

  • comprehensive employee data, personal information, contact data
  • medical data, insurance numbers, doctors' name and numbers
  • detailed training records, skills inventory, certificates and licenses tracking
  • vacation, lieu and sick entitlements, department-defined entitlements
  • complete career history, multiple seniority dates
  • uniform sizes, uniform and gear issued records

Xpert systems also include our Duty Roster module:

  • department-defined duty rotation schedules for multiple crews in multiple platoons or multiple divisions:
  • live status displays who is on duty, where and in what position, who is off sick or on vacation, lieu or other non-attendance status:
  • dynamic displays show where additional personnel are required to maintain minimal staffing levels:
  • automated Call-In module calls off-duty staff in department-defined order to request attendance using recorded or synthesized voice messages, with Interactive response and call recording:
  • point-and-click tools to manage swaps, trades, cover fors, overtime, transfers and special duty records

Equipment and Consumable Supplies Management

All of CriSys Limited's Xpert systems offer a complete set of utilities to track and manage your equipment resources and consumable supplies:

  • complete asset management data, including acquisition (including purchase order), in-service date and scheduled replacement date
  • tracking of multiple warranties
  • designated and current location, as well as complete inventory of all other equipment stored with or on the item
  • unlimited maintenance needs, as well as detailed records of preventative maintenance done and any repair work done
  • license and certificate tracking
  • detailed usage records, with links to all incidents the equipment was used at

Pre-Incident Planning

Xpert systems give your department a complete set of tools for tracking location-based information:

  • detailed address records, including units, apartments and sub-addresses (such as campuses, industrial malls, etc)
  • detailed non-address locations; intersections, map points, etc
  • unlimited Owners and Occupants for any location, where each owner can be a Person or a Business
  • unlimited Contact records for each Person or Business, supporting voice & fax telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and SMS text messaging
  • included Xpert Loader software keeps addresses, Owners, Occupants, Person, Business and Contact records synchronized with multiple external sources without requiring 24/7 on-line connections (and without downtime due to maintenance on host systems)
  • detailed records of department-defined hazards and/or dangerous conditions associated with the location (built-in database of more than 3,600 hazardous materials, and on-line HTML version of the North American Emergency Response Guide)
  • integrated Response Plans and Disaster Resources
  • detailed Call History for every location
  • detailed Response Records for every location

Fire Prevention & Public Education

Our family of Xpert Fire systems provide your department with a full set of tools to conduct Fire Code compliance inspections and Public Education programs:

  • multi-level Fire Inspection tools support anything from simple "fire safety checklists" to detailed Fire Code compliance
  • unified inspection records track all inspections by date, type, location, inspector and result
  • unique letter-generation tool semi-automatically composes detailed Notice of Violation letters, complete with detailed descriptions of deficiencies and citations of the section of the Fire Code and/or local by-laws that they contravene
  • support for a wide variety of hand-held devices
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