Our Partners

Voicegate Corporation

Voicegate Corporation has over 25 years experience in the design, manufacturing, supply and support of advanced telephony equipment and services.  Their voicemail, PBX interface and automated dialing systems are used worldwide.


QSP Geographics

QSP Geographics is a leader in GIS and AM/FM mapping and consulting services.  QSP has helped many of CriSys's clients create or update their GIS information. 



Zetron is a leader in special-purpose communications devices for the public safety field.  CriSys Limited has equipped each member of the Xpert family of products with command-and-control interfaces for Zetron devices designed to streamline your communications handling.  Interfaces are available for:

  • the 4000 Series radio consoles
  • the 6/26 Fire Station Alerting system
  • the 3030 Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) system
  • the 15/25 Paging Control system

Support for additional Zetron devices is planned for future releases.


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