To meet the needs of our full range of private - and public-sector clients, CriSys offers Xpert systems in a variety of architectures; all the way from our Xpert Web on-line systems, through our Xpert Lite systems for small-to-medium - sized communities, all the way to our Xpert Gold line for communities over 250,000 persons.

Within each family, we offer an Xpert Police system for law enforcement agencies, an Xpert Fire product for Fire-Rescue services, our Xpert EMS software for ambulance and paramedic operations, and our Xpert Disaster package for Emergency Measures officers.  The components of these packages may be combined to create our Xpert 911 Integrated Emergency Communications System for municipal, regional and state governments.  We also offer our Xpert 311 and Xpert 311 Lite systems to bring the benefits of "one call for all citizen services" operations to communities from 2,000 to 200,000.  Xpert 311 can be used on it's own, or combined with Xpert 911 to provide your community with a complete, fully integrated system for receiving, handling and responding to all citizen communications.

We also offer a full line of Xpert Site systems to provide college and university campuses, industrial sites, commercial parks, retail malls, and any other location with on-site safety/security personnel with integrated alarm monitoring, call and video recording, access control, emergency notification tools and incident response capabilities - all with an optional live link to a local Xpert 911 system.

All of our Xpert systems are built in Java© to give you maximum flexibility in implementing and supporting systems. Our highly scalable n-tier architecture supports Windows©, Linux© and Web environments, and Oracle©, SQL Server©, MySQL© and DB/2© databases.  The built-in, fully integrated ESRI© mapping supports GIS data from ESRI, AutoCAD©, Bentley© and MapInfo© sources.

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