9-1-1 Call Handling Systems

CriSys Limited's Xpert 911 system brings full-featured 9-1-1 call-handling, emergency dispatch, response command-and-control and resource management to municipalities as small as 2,000 and as large as 200,000. Xpert 911 combines the industry-leading power of our Xpert Police software, our Xpert Fire package, our Xpert EMS and our Xpert Disaster suites to give your citizens complete multi-service, multi-agency and multi-jurisdiction emergency call handling, with:

  • direct interface to your existing PBX for complete on-screen call-handling
  • GIS-enabled ANI/ALI and CLID/E-CLID interfaces for map-based call-handling
  • built-in digital audio logging with instant replay
  • integrated support for TDD/TTY callers
  • intelligent call distribution by call source, geographic area, time-of-day and more
  • built-in live Quality Assurance tools
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